Yes. Prathna Lor has a book out in June. Shit. I wish today was June. Read these until June becomes. Prathna Lor is Canadian (possibly). I wonder if Prathna Lor is happy – or at least, feeling good – about how the Winter Olympics went. I wonder if Prathna Lor likes the sport Curling or knows how to play or knows why Curling even is. Prathna Lor: Will you explain this sport to me (specifically, how this game is scored)? Seems like I watched Curling every day for the past two weeks and have no idea...and googling the rules is just too fucking much...

A new Negative Suck is here with me & Kenneth Pobo, Ron Androla, KJ Hays, Eileen Escabar, John Mannone, Emily Smith-Miller, Brittany Wallace, Lyn Lifshin, Lynn Kinsey, Lara Konesky, Kristen Shaw, & Jelena Vencl Ohlroggn....damn, never been surrounded by so many fine ladies...claps to Jeff Callico for building this fantastic issue with his blistered, bare hands: chew.

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