Sweet. New NANO Fiction is available. You should probably have a copy so you sh/could go and get a copy which includes the following people who – until today – I thought were only myths: Nicholas T. Brown, Ryan Call, Brian Allen Carr, Gabe Durham, Avital Gad-Cykman, Frank Giampietro, Jenny Gillespie, Jennifer Gravley, Kate Hagerman, Kyle Hemmings, Ann Hillesland, Jac Jemc , Janet Jennings, Suzanne Lamb, Brandon Lamson, Cynthia Litz, Joël Martinez, Stephanie Martz, Scott McWaters, Katherine Megear, Amanda Montei, M.V. Montgomery, Thomas Mundt , Fred Muratori, Thisbe Nissen, S. Craig Renfroe, Jr., Sophie Rosenblum, Tom Whalen, Timothy Willis Sanders, Stephanie Valente, & L.A. Zimmerman - I made the cut too...Eds. Glenn Shaheen and Kirby Johnson have done another great job – the word “stupendous” come to mind...so get on it.

Reynard Seifert’s new ebook is up @ pbp. There is character named “Adam” and – while reading – I felt as tho I was actually participating in the plot to some extent. Was kind of a mindfuck. Felt inoutside of my head at some moments. Seems like Reynard or DJB or God, knowing I would read, evilly planned this to screw with my brain. Probably not tho. Regardless - reminded me of the time I unintentionally sent Steven J. McDermott (@ storyglossia) a story in which the main character was named “Steve” and Steven was like, “Dude, I like this story but we gotta change the name because it was making me crazy as I read...”

yes: new action yes – have read & reread & will rereread.

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