The 2nd issue of radioactive moat is out and packed full of hippies: Glen Binger, Jack Boettcher, Jordan Castro, Evan Chen, Jesse Draxler, Howie Good, Michael Goodwin, Joe Hall, Meg Johnson, Chris Moran, Heather Palmer, David Peak, Dan Raphael, Francis Raven, Reynard Seifert, Karen Sosnoski, Travis Kane Snyder, Michael Varrati, Changming Yuan, and me.

Thank you thank you Paul Cunningham for giving us this Lightening.

a new gutter eloquence is alive.

so is a new decomP...xtx brings her A-game…nice stuff Jason Jordan…

Davy Erlewine has some goods @ 3am

okay...heading out...

second star to the right...
and straight on till morning...


  1. thanks adam, really appreciate the shout. my wife is behind me, cackling "davy"!

  2. hi adam

    thanks for the r. moat love!

    "Lightening" made me smile haha

  3. love that moat, paul. nice stuff.

  4. Enjoyed your radioactive moat piece.

    Thanks for the d mention!