been on the internet. the internet has been boring. been sad about the internet. looking forward to the winter olympics starting. looking forward to all the online clips of figure skaters, skiers, snowboarders, etc. wiping out. i think it's all i can think about.

been reading caketrain #7:

i think i want to say it’s my favorite ever lit issue, one where i’ve liked almost everything in it. thanks for sending roxanne! darby larson has a few in there that were good. really liked alec niedenthal’s short. also really liked eugenia tsutsumi’s work – who i had never heard of before. overall, has some really good stuff. not a lot of that wishy-washy assleak from overrateds, blah.

been looking over nominations for the million writers award. there are “editor” nominations. Then – there are separate “reader” nominations. seems as tho a buncha people nominated themselves, which is dickless if you as me. you people – it’s not like you read someone’s story and thought, “wow, this is really good!” no – you wrote your own story and nominated it. your story. something you wrote. you nominated your own work. because you probably thought, “i’m just like don delillo!” i can see it. you are probably telling people in your office(s) you’ve been “nominated for the million writers award.” and this makes me laugh. because this bullshit. we’re drowning in your bullshit.

i’m going to nominate today’s post for the million writers award.

this weekend will be about alcohol.

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