sorry colts fans.

drinking coffee from a styrofoam bowl. through a straw. a cocktail one.

yesterday - wandered through the self-help aisle @ barns & noble. felt the need to purchase/read/reread every self-help book in the store.

when i am reborn into this world, it will happen like this:

lookin’ forward to zg’s debut tomo.

in the inaugural issue of the moon milk review, which is live today - feel as tho the prose style of my story differs somewhat from much of my other stuff. fellow contributors include karen heuler, lisa marie basile, neila mezynski, terry sanville, and – my favorite hooiser - jason jordan. jason has also blessed all of us with a new issue of decomP - & with its eagerly awaited redesign. sweet.

watching twin peaks religiously. still. half-way through the second season. i want to say the nightmares aren’t bothering me, but the nightmares are bothering me. i think i should stop watching it at night in the dark with my laptop propped on my stomach with laura palmer staring deep into my spirit, disassembling my everything.


  1. Great piece as always, Mr. Moorad.

  2. I wanted the Colts to win, because it'd be good for Indiana, but we'll get 'em next year.

    Congrats on the MMR piece! It's great. I'm disappointed you spelled Hoosier wrong, though. ;)