poems @ waterlogged august.

pank 4 is ready to be ordered by you. i have words in it. so does everyone else – so get your copy.

It’s like an all-star Marti Gras parade on acid times 4. Seriously.”

last night i spent over two hours editing my shits & think i did a shitty job.

last night i dreamt a dream where i couldn't wake up.

mondays are hard.
februarys are hard.

i wish i was surrounded by cacti. and heat. and snakes. and scorpions. and. and.


booked a plane ticket to LAX for april.

less than 24 hours later, received an email offering $50 off a(nother) NYC-LAX plane ticket. felt angry at the systems we have in place.

so. there are cavities around me. rotten ones.
to my right.
to my left.
and on top of me.
and in my mouth.


  1. when you come to LAX i will pick you up at the airport in my heli-car and fly you to your final destination. We don't have to talk

  2. perfect.

    gonna get to that festival @ coachella.

    never been to SoCal - hope it doesn't suck.

  3. and when DJ comes to California he doesn't visit you even though you are his wife

  4. Really looking forward to PANK #4.