trickhouse #14 is live and crazy. the issue was complied by curators Laynie Browne, Eric Jordan, Jessica Eichman, Tama Baldwin, Charles Alexander, Kristen Nelson, and TC Tolbert and includes work from Andrew Levy, James Yeary & Jennifer Bartlett, Marty Ehrlich & Erica Hunt, Maryrose Larkin, Tenney Nathanson, Samuel Ace, Tre Natro, j/j Hastain, D'Lo, Trace Peterson, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Our Lady J, and Nathaniël.
Sherri Lynn Wood's Spaghetti Junction
Alexis Myre's Strength in Small Things
i have a short piece behind "door ten".  read it here. thanks to Noah Saterstrom and the rest of trickhouse curators. i'm really pleased to be looped into this warp of expression.

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