new story @ untoward magazine titled "utsayantha" --- Utsayantha is a mountain that, "got its name from the legend of a local Indian maiden, Utsayantha – which means "beautiful spring." She was said to have borne a child whose father was white, something that made her father, the chief, so furious he buried a tomahawk in the white man's skull and rowed with the baby to the center of a nearby lake and drowned it. Utsayantha followed her father to the lake and in her despair, drowned herself too. Upon discovering what she had done, the legend says the chief recovered her body and carried her up the mountain, where he buried her. Her grave site was believed to have been discovered in 1862, and although many doubt its authenticity, a monument was placed at the site in 1936" (%). but this story isn't about that. special thanks to matt rowan and untoward. read her here.

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