new elimae today. a really good issue. contributors include Kirsten Kaschock, Micah Cavaleri, Charles Mock, Forrest Roth, Mary-Catherine Jones, Nick Ripatrazone, Parker Tettleton, James Valvis, Elizabeth Ellen, Mel Coyle, J. Michael Wahlgren, Matthew Johnstone, Dennis Mahagin, Lynne Beckenstein, Kathryn Scanlan, Jimmy Chen, Mark Jackley, Lisa Ciccarello, Marshall Walker Lee, Helen Vitoria, Lincoln Michel, Katie Jean Shinkle, Masin Persina, Howie Good, Tina Barry, Jon Cone, Alan Zhukovski, Robert Laughlin, Kimberly Poitevin, Mel Bosworth, Meg Pokrass and this guy. it’s immense & thanks to Cooper Renner & Brandon Hobson for making it happen.
pank interviews me here. the questions revolve loosely around this story published in this issue.

a dutch baby gave birth to another dutch baby. seems un-normal how normal it seems.

new issue of the lifted brow is available. what touch & class. explore here.

let me think…

also rereading huck finn. the original huck finn. they just don't write'em like they used to folks....

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