Death Sentences and Executions in 2010 (per Amnesty International):

China: 1,000+
Japan: 252+
North Korea: 60+
Yemen: 53+
U.S.: 46
Saudi Arabia: 27+
Libya: 18+
Syria: 17+
Bangladesh: 9+
Somalia: 8+


  1. come on kids. we can do it. usa #1.

  2. False comparison. You have to adjust for population and legality of capital punishment. For US to have 46 with 300 million plus in population is not nearly as bad as the 53+ for tiny Yemen. Also, please consider no true numbers are known for North Korea or many of these other copuntries where people often just disappear or die in labor camps that are not technically capital punishment but might as well be.

  3. thank you, anonymous, for taking the time to quantify.