big thanks to jason behrends for giving book of relevations a shout over @ what to wear during an orange alert.

here is a poem. i am going to make an effort in 2011 to post more writing on this blog. fml.

mother morned the priest

mother spent hours spreading butter
with an iron blade across yeasted bread
sandwiches, she said. for the father.
and she stacked them in the fridge
that kept room temperature
she collected all our allowances
alms, she said. for the father.
people came with stethoscopes
suggested citrus, exercise, and culture
and she barred herself in the garage
and took a purple pill once a day
from a bottle she got off the internet
she slipped them in her arnold palmers
and wore holes in her grey sweatpants
and she would recite king solomon
in the weakest voice imaginable

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