i recently received some contributor copies. both are, like, immaculate in content and, like, appearance. for reel. getting mail is exhilarating.

big lucks is edited by mark cugini & lauren spencer. issue #3 turned out like whoa and includes work from the following people: Kristin Abraham, Manuela Arundel, Mark DeCarteret, Rich Ives, Hillary Kobernick, Meghan Nesmith, Kimberly Ann Southwick, Mike Young, Caren Beilin, Nathan Leslie, Christoffer Molnar, Joseph Riippi, Emma Haskins, Andy Denzler, & me. get yours here!

stumble is a purty, purty lit mag edited by ms. nancy smith. issue #5 features some really strong works by Annabella Massey, Chantel Louise Tatolli, & Robert Wexelblatt. i snuck some words in there too. and there's some reel photography by Rachel Rebibo. Pickup a copy here, or read for free here.

check these mags out. boners. moistures. they're the reeel deeel.


  1. oh wow, i'm just stumbling across this now. awesome and thanks, adam!