shoots and vines

the second print issue of shoots and vines is "out"
it is full of "iddy-biddy" things from many different people
howie good is the only person of these people whose name i "recognize"
crystal folz is the editor
i like crystal because she seems like a nice person
she likes to read and write and do "things" like this: http://www.rollergirlsofsin.com/
i have a "thing" somewhere in the issue
click on this thing
and read "things"
maybe it will make you think "things"
and want to do "things" other than the "things" you already do or have done
or maybe you will become increasingly bored with these "things"
and you will want to do other "things"
i don't care


  1. You rock, Adam.

    I love the new issue. I wanted to put together some people that others hadn't really heard of before and I think I did just that. Some writers were local to my area, and I'm always pleased to support local artisans.

    As for the derby, I was pleased with the aggression in my performance this weekend. I went out to hit the biggest gals and I did. I wish I had worked more as a team, but we had very little time to prepare for this bout. I'm so proud to skate with my girls.

    Thanks for putting S&V out there. Your work was awesome, as always. Love your stuff.


  2. Adam,

    This piece forms distinct and striking mental images...VIVID.