pear noir #2

Pear Noir! #2 is available for pre-order.

It’s loaded with tons of fun with work from people I’m sure I would be able to stand if I were to ever meet any of them in real life - like Jason Jordan, Barry Graham, Brandi Wells, Brandon Scott Gorrell, Noah Cicero, JA Tyler, & Molly Gaudry, blah blah blah….

I’m in there somewhere too.

Pear Noir! is edited by Daniel Casebeer. I wonder if that's his real last name....
If that's his real last name, then I think that's awesome.
I wonder what his middle name is...

How could you not buy this?



  1. Paul. His middle name is definitely Paul.

  2. PN! #2 should be great. I hope his real last name is Casebeer.