I have my first piece of poetry published in Breadcrumb Scabs. I don’t know that much about poetry and never studied any of it outside the Romantics (and that was when I was forced) - and I don't remember all that much about any of them...One guy had a clubbed-foot, I think, and they all had syphilis, or something – even the guy with the clubbed-foot.

I think a poem about a syphilitic poet with a clubbed-foot would be an awesome poem. I am not a poet. I do not have any syphilis (that I know of...) - A poet with syphilis should be the one to write this poem.

Read my non-syphilitic poem here and see how much I do not know about poetry. See how much I suck. (I wonder if syphilis enhances poetic range...)

Download: http://www.lulu.com/items/volume_64/6470000/6470291/1/print/6470291.pdf

Or buy: http://www.lulu.com/content/6470291/

Here is a picture of the cover:

I cannot tell if it’s really cool…or really weird.

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