I have a new story up at SUB-LIT. It’s titled “Hinge” and is very short.


SUB-LIT is cool. There are a few other stories up. I kinda like the one by derek nikitas titled “trashcan special” – it has a good fuck-it-jive-rhythm, which is important to me.

I have been writing less and less…this makes me feel guilty.

The lack of writing has coincided with the lack of nicotine use.

I’m almost 26 and am already hypertensive, i think.

I think this hypertension coincides with the fact I am disgusted by most things.

I think I have an ulcer somewhere too…it feels like a knot in my stomach that squeezes my intestines gradually.

The other day, my mother told me I should go into politics.

I told her “no” because “I don’t like people”

This made her smile.

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