shoots & vines

I have a new story up @ shoots and vines. It’s titled “Barbie World” – for lack of a better, more creative title. Read it here: http://www.shootsandvines.com/?p=480

shoots and vines is a relatively new journal edited by Crystal Folz.

Every time I log into gmail, Crystal Folz is online. I imagine she is working on something crazy.

I want to g-chat her and see what she’s working on because she is never-never-not-on.

The only other person online more than Crystal Folz is probably Jason Behrends (@ http://orangealert.net/)

I think Jason Behrends either lives inside a computer or – in actuality – is a computer himself.

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  1. hahahaha

    I leave it on all day since I'm at home. I actually keep financial records for our library when I'm not working on S&V collabs or the zine.

    I am working on something crazy, though. My first roller derby bout is March 15. Velveteen Rabid is my name. Yeah, I read way too much as a child.

    If you ever want to chat, leave a message. I may or may not respond, depending on how deep into the depths of crazy I have traveled.

    Good work. Loved the Barbie.