I have a newbie up @ red peter. It’s a short excerpt from a larger, un-publishable story about a hick-whore who wants to be a country music star. Strange. The Corduroy Mtn. read and said they were, “very aroused.” Thieves Jargon said they hoped, “There’s a place sleazy enough for this.”

That place is red peter. red peter says he’s traveling Thailand right now. I envy red peter. new york city be being a springtime cock-tease.

Hick-whore is here: http://redpetersdf.blogspot.com/2009/02/excerpt-from-tennessee-christmas-adam.html

I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday. It was boring.
People were eating fast food @ ground zero.
I went inside a church - just to look @ a stained glass window.
A Christian shushed me.
I wanted to karate-chop the christian in the back of the head.

I rode the Staten Island Ferry just to ride the Staten Island Ferry. It was boring.
I think my liver is bleeding. It’s boring.
I’m boring.

my brother said he saw someone break their leg yesterday. bone through the skin. foot dangling. ewweewwwwwewwwewww.

I finally received Sam Pink’s book yesterday. I am ready to devour it. I think I will read it aloud to tired people on the subway.

i discovered this today: http://mindancerpress.wordpress.com/books/skulls-and-crossbones/

i wish someone i know would write something hilarious and send it in. it says:


fucking awesome.

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  1. From what I've heard, summer in Thailand would be no less of a cock tease. Anyway, I miss that aspect of NYC. I moved from NYC right as springtime set in and most of the cold weather was gone. I relished every last short skirt and beautiful pair of legs until I left for barrens of the West Coast. Nowhere in the world is there such a concentration of beautiful women as there is in NYC.

    Good to see you're being productive. Boring as you may feel, you seem to be creating quite a bit. Hope you're well.