the 10th anniversary issue of sleeping fish is out now for your consumption.  if you spend $15 today, spend $15 dollars on this.  the issue is loaded with goodness.
Contents included work from Dmitry Babenko, James Wagner, Gary Lutz,  Julie Reverb, Aaron Apps, Nick Francis Potter, The Brothers Goat, BoonaD, Paul Maliszewski,  Scott Bradfield, Joel Kopplin, Zachary Scott Hamilton, Marguerite W. Sullivan, Kim Chinquee,  Nance Van Winckel, James Grinwis, Rosaire Appel, Chiara Barzini, Daryl Scroggins, Norman Lock,  Guy Beining, John Olson, Ali Aktan Askin, Miranda Mellis, Andrei Guruianu, Michael Allen Zell,  Tim Keane & Robert Corless, Mel Bosworth & Ryan Ridge, Angela Stubbs, Wendy Collin Sorin,  Amy Albracht, Elizabeth Mikesch, Peter Markus, Sturnus Vulgaris, Jason Snyder, J’Lyn Chapman, Stephen Gropp-Hess, Jada Smiley, Michael Peters, Robert Lopez, Rob Walsh, Carlos M. Luis,  Popahna Brandes, Aldo Bandinelli & Daisy Atterbury. Get it done.

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