the inaugural issue of whole|beast|rag is out & it's a beaut. the theme is HUNGER, i.e. 'eating, consumption, ache, issue, privilege, decadence, the right to be alive, urge, the body, nourishment, ingredients, yearning, satisfaction, fuel, systems, desire, animals, destruction, creation, pleasure & more.'

contributorz include Julia Bouwsma | Mark Brenden | Valentina Cano | James Cihlar | James Collector | Amy Collier | Lightsey Darst | Ash Dazzle | Matthew Dexter | Jessica Huang | Andrew Fischer | Sally Franson | Daniel Hedges | Kevin Hedman | Joey Heinen | Randall Holt | Peycho Kanev | Coop Lee | Evan Morgan | Neila Mezynski | John Pistelli | William Reichard | Bernd Sauermann | Ticky Sowdenham | Kimberly Ann Southwick | Jonas Specktor | Sharlene Teo. i made the cut too! read it all belowz.

loud whoops & clapter for editorz grace littlefield & katharine hargreaves. good shit yall.

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