открытая тема

i have a story up in the inaugural issue of map literary -- with Car­rie Olivia Adams, Ian Ganassi, Kate Green­street, Bob Hicok, Reb Liv­ingston, Joseph Massey, Joshua Mick­in­ney, Rod­ney Nel­son, Math­ias Svalina, Roberto Tejada, Franz Wright, Matthew Zaprude, Joe Fletcher, Diane Glancy, San­chari Sur, Sam­ina Najmi, Terry Dubow, Katie Kohler, Tara McDaniel, Jamie Qua­tro, & Ghis­laine Escande.

WHAT TO WEAR DURING AN ORANGE ALERT? put my story on their watch list. maybe this means i can't fly on airplanes anymore. seems bleak. if you're so inclined, you can read it here.

thanks to John Par­ras, Christo­pher Salerno and rest of the WPU pioneers --- O PIONEERS.

i wonder how much levi's paid walt whitman to use his poetry in their commercial. maybe they paid him in jean. that could be a new thing: payment in jean. seems like it would work/catch on in eastern europe and/or the dakotas. go forth young pioneers.

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