soooooooooo much good stuff today.

a new issue dark sky magazine is live.

i want sarah pater to paint my apartment.

get the whole caboodle here.


NOÖ 13 is also up & good GOD people. it’s loaded.

contributors include Lauren Cohen Jamie Iredell Wendy Breuer Jon Cotner Andy Fitch G reg Gerke Jen Gann Mathias Svalina Chris Haven Brennen Wysong Michael J. Martin Jay Snodgrass Melissa Broder Matt Mauch Lauren Ireland Bianca Stone Feliz Molina Halie Theoharides Ally Harris Sarah Bartlett Arlene Ang Drew Kalbach Steve Subrizi Jerimee Bloemeke Daniel D'Angelo Ben Roylance Mark Leidner and adam ant.

mike young also reviews one of my favorite books this year - Hunters & Gamblers by Ryan Ridge.

thanks to mike for an awesome issue.


last but not least jason jordan’s the dying horse is available for preorder @ main street rag. i love jason's writing for it's imaginative, midwestern vibe. i preordered my copy & at $6 you have no excuse not to.

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  1. You only paid $6? I thought I was charging $200. :p

    Thanks, man!