25 celebrity rumors:

36. luke perry hates sweating
37. george michael has stretch-marks
38. bruce hornsby shot tupac
39. paula cole caught rabies from a beaver
40. shirley temple [censored]
41. jack black is a certified wet-nurse
42. kathy griffin polyurethanes her checkles
43. ryan phillippe claims he's a kennedy
44. the rock has gout & alopecia
45. val kilmer is an icelandic citizen
46. tony hawke played drums in hoobastank
48. snookie is barren
49. the baldwin brothers [censored]
50. bonnie raitt dated michael eisner
51. jason bateman shops at jcpenny
52. sarah michelle gellar is a blackbelt
53. steve urkel contracted lyme disease
54. john denver married a sherpa queen
55. dustin hoffman is related to thomas edison
56. ben affleck has west nile
57. the kardashians can't swim
58. jenny mccarthy lost her sex drive
59. ke$ha waterboarded her mother's tabby
60. hugh jackman has dyslexia
61. vince vaughn can pirouette 720 degrees

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