23 celebrity rumors

1. marilyn manson auditioned for the karate kid
2. bill gates bought out the hobby lobby
3. john travolta never proved anybody wrong
4. eric clapton dated nancy kerrigan
5. ryan gosling wears prosthetic testicles
6. murphy brown bruised madonna in a catfight
7. wolf blitzer knows how to handstand
8. linsey lohan has a fred flinstone fetish
9. alicia keys scored a 1600 on her SATs
10. johnny depp runs a kangroo farm
11. gene hackman is a born-again christian
12. tom brokaw is three-quarters choctaw
13. dolly parton maintains a cactus garden
14. carson dailey is addicted to glue sniffing
15. al bundy and ted bundy are distant relatives
16. joaquin phoenix has never been to arizona
17. sean penn suffers with arthritis & bone spurs
18. macaulay culkin is a habitual bedwetter
19. gwen stefani delivered little caesars pizzas
20. owen wilson conquered juvenile diabetes
21. tom brady's twin sister is morbidly obese
22. cameron diaz had a baby with bo jackson
23. tom cruises’ wedding was b.y.o.b.


  1. hahaha


    these make me so sad:

    'ryan gosling wears prosthetic testicles'
    'macaulay culkin is a habitual bedwetter'

  2. hey - they're just rumors i heard...not sayin' they're tru...not sayin' they ain't.