15 celebrity rumors:

62. john stamos tried out for the vikings
63. bruce willis gargles viles of strychnine
64. shaquille o'neal is afraid of heights
65. clint eastwood collects asian antiques
66. tara reid screws minor league pitchers
67. juels verne had a rapture phobia
68. ellen degeneres was hooked on dope
69. chelsea clinton has a club foot
70. jay cutler plays the two-bit fiddle
71. megan fox had a stillborn baby in cancun
72. nick cage's real name is nolan dolan
73. steven spielburg lives in a cabin on a lake
74. haley joel osment turned thirty-seven
75. oprah reduced her heart attack risk by 30%
76. tyrese was conceived in a kmart dressing room


  1. I wish Uncle Jesse played for the Vikings.

  2. he tried out for kicker but he blew his knee out.