issue fourteen of the delinquent is out. you can get your copy for the price of one kombucha.

contributors include: Anne Blonstein, Peter LaBerge, Richard Tyrone Jones, Alan Price, Hicham Bensassi, Andrew Pidoux, Graham Buchan, DP Jones, Gareth Strachan, Nick Bridson Baker, Amit Parmessur, M. A. Schaffner, Deborah L. Gordon, Duncan Jones, Mark Antony Owen, Stephen Devereux, Paul Norcross, Geoffrey Loe, Ray Blake, Rich Ives, Valentina Cano, Beth Jellicoe, Austin Rory Hackett, John Sibley Williams, Peter Ebsworth, Carlo Taylor, Jeremy Quinn, Timothy James Earl, Brooke Persich, Henry Blake, Robert Marsland, Carl Palmer, Steve Loton, Lisa Kelly, Zin Kenter, John Thake, Tim Frank, Andrew Smith, W Oleson, Michael Pedersen, Richard Halperin, Peter Leahy, Ricky Garni, Mark Floyer, Jim Davis, KJ Moore, David Mac, Paul Birtill, Norman Staines, Charles Pitter, Robert McClure, Jason King, Bart Sonck, Steve Taylor, Alex Mahoney, Andrew Galan, Tomás Browne, Bruce Lader, Dan Piorkowski, Jim Meirose, RL Greenfield, David S. Pointer, Adam Flint, Thomas Pescatore, N. A’Yara Stein, Zoe Warren, Amy Schreibman Walter, Mel Fawcett, Christos Sakellarios, Chris Guidon, Ken Champion, Rehan Qayoom, and a cover by Denny E. Marshall.

two of my poems appear in the issue which will also appear in my poetry book, piñata, forthcoming from propaganda press.

grab a copy of the issue HERE.

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