i have a story in the new issue the fiddleback. it's named after a country that hasn’t existed since 1992. this device seemed illogical enough to work for me. it's a fiction-heavy issue that includes Michelle Burke, Joseph Riippi, Gregory J. Wolos, Ann Lightcap Bruno, Karen J. Weyant & many others. special thanks to Daniel Long for fitting me in.

i looked it up and discovered a fiddleback is another name for a brown recluse. getting bitten by one of those would suck. a long time ago there was this kid in my hometown who was bitten on the face by a brown recluse and his forehead swelled to the size of a watermelon. the kid survived, but i never heard what happened to the spider. maybe it's crawling across your pillow right now.

so now i’d like to focus on the fiddle in an entirely different context:

giddy up.

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