hello creatures

here are two wingdings poems. i'm not sure if the font is blogger-compatible. wait. yes. yes it is.

last night on a dancefloor

last night on a dancefloor

crowded with hoebags

illumined by disco balls

i tried to write a poem

on my cellphone

about hoebags

and disco balls

but accidently texted

some 917 number

'whobags' and 'discoballs'

i never know exactly what is wrong

i have deposited my hip
my stockings arouse disgust
and all my matter shifts
am i paralyzed, what kind of paralysis
like, will i die if i stay in this position
or should i maintain total flaccidity

daniel baily has posted a poem that i can relate to.

impose magazine recommends that you read some literature. big thanks to josh spilker.


  1. fail. you should have consulted me.

  2. there's a clever-er way to do it than either of those. most/all wingdings have html characters. you'd just look up the things, or save your word document as HTML and copy from that. boodle.