harmony korine’s ten favorite films according to amazon.com

the february issue of pank is now online. i have story in it which has received both positive and negative feedback. read it if you please. Other contributors include Claudine Moreau Andrew Kozma Rachel Brown Nate Pritts Brendan Constantine Leslie McGrath Sarah Kokernot Chloe CaldwellJoseph Cassara Maya Jewell ZellerAmy Butcher Erik Hanson Lania Knight Len Kuntz Joseph Quintela Frankie Romano James Schlatter Susan Slaviero Shenandoah Sowash. cheers roxane!


  1. Nice story, Adam. I really wanted to feel bad for Patty the whole time, but never could. You've written two really interesting characters with this one.

  2. roxane - hi!

    dj - thanks for reading!