eric beeny reviewed my novel(la), oikos, on his blog. you can read the review HERE.

eric beeny is the author of THE DYING BLOOM (Pangur Ban Party, 2009), SNOWING FIREFLIES (Folded Word Press, 2010), OF CREATURES (Gold Wake Press, 2010), PSEUDO-MASOCHISM (Medulla Publishing, 2011), MILK LIKE A MELTED GHOST (Thumbscrews Press, 2011), and many many many many other piano-related things.

big thanks to beeny for reviewing. goddamn. i want everyone reading this to 'friend' eric beeny on facebook and poke the shit out of him. click it until your mouse shatters.

first person to link beeny's blog (on whatever social media) will receive (1) a signed copy of oikos and (2) a copy of eric beeny's of creatures (which i just finished/luved). this is what you call a 'jackpot' folks. link it below.


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  1. Wow, big thanks Adam! You're too kind, sir! I'm big happy you liked the review. More Moorad, More Moorad...