sweet. my story ‘malchus’ has been nominated for the dzanc’s best of the web 2011 via mud luscious. sweet. thanks ja tyler. other stories/nominees are ‘melanin’ by audri sousa & ‘untitled’ by kirsty logan. sweet.

/one/ has published a story i wrote maybe over a year ago. sweet.

i pose with bastian the flying dog from the neverending story in my contributor’s photo. he lives in my friend ryan’s apartment in orange county.

i can’t remember the dog’s real name.

i climbed a very cold piece of earth last wkend and can prove it with this footage:

mt marcy from Adam Moorad on Vimeo.

no one knows

how small we are

or even


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  1. "no one knows
    how small we are
    or even

    I love that. Big congrats on the nomination, Adam...