in 2005, a nashville band broke-up. they performed under the name The Damn Pam McClanahan Pajama Jam Bam Band. actually, it wasn't even a real band - although, they did record one album titled moby dick seaman’s club.

the following is a conversation between two long lost band mates on the eve of the United States of America’s World Cup match against Slovenia:

10:13pm Skoalcan Jim

10:14pm Me

damn. i just got merked

10:15pm Me

hi skoalcan

10:16pm Skoalcan Jim

i heard slovenian goalkeeper listens to secada before games

10:16pm Me

we're fucked

10:16pm Skoalcan Jim


10:17pm Me

tomorrow is "just another day"....

10:18pm Skoalcan Jim

"why can't we stay together"...

10:18pm Me

face it: secada is a goddamn artist

10:19pm Skoalcan Jim

that was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said in this world

you get him

10:19pm Me

him...and hootie

10:20pm Skoalcan Jim

of course

10:21pm Me

we should get the band back together and cover some hootie...maybe a little secada too

10:21pm Skoalcan Jim

those other hacks would never go for it

10:22pm Me

Bo will still do what we fucking tell him to

10:22pm Skoalcan Jim

i know he's not in the band, but chris andersonwill to…

10:23pm Me

bye jim. i love you.

10:23pm Skoalcan Jim

see you buddy. much love

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