new foam:e is out. have poems. there are a lot of australian and irish poets in the issue. sorta feel out of place and/or really american. check it out.

the inaugural issue of corium is here: Stephen Elliott (hero), Sean Lovelace, Alec Niedenthal, Donna D. Vitucci, Kathy Fish, Scott Garson, Beth Thomas, Kim Chinquee, Sheldon Compton, Ryan Ridge, Julie Babcock, Eric Beeny, Andrea Kneeland, Christina Murphy, Laura Ellen Scott, Shaindel Beers, Corey Mesler, Sam Rasnake, Rusty Barnes, Cami Park, Ernest Williamson, Christopher Woods, James Roninger and me, I mean damn, just look at all them peeps – can’t even believe it.

Well done Lauren, Greg, & Heather!


  1. Great piece in Corium, Adam. It's awesome sharing some more space with you...

  2. Congrats on Corium, Adam. Haven't your story yet, but I plan to soon.

  3. thanks dudes! head-to-toe, the corium issue is a strong one.