some poems @ the blotter here. but ya know what? if adobe really bends your hard drive over and drives hard – like it does to mine – then skip it. wait for the dvd.

here is a spectrum of what are apparently primary, secondary, and tertiary colors my sick body is exuding from various orifices - with the exception of the blue colors maybe.

guess i should go out tonite and celebrate not dying if i don't die by tonite.

this morning: got a rejection letter from a journal i never submitted to for a submission i didn't write.

it reminded me of the time i got an acceptance letter addressed to someone else for work i wrote.

like - is it just me? - or is everything shit?


  1. sorry about all the colors.

    recently i got an acceptance almost EXACTLY one year from the date I submitted it. The funny part was that they had already rejected it 6 months earlier.


  2. did you accept their acceptance? you should have rejected their acceptance and said something about how their journal, "isn't quite right for your work...but feel free to accept (or reject) this piece again anytime in the future. thanks for your interest in xtx" etc.

  3. omg. too late! where were you a month ago?