damn. feel really behind on life. everything has a strange blue tint. am lazy. sick. cold. have heartburn. haven't spent much time online/reading. cellphone is basically broken. addicted to 'apocalypse week' on the history channel. been listening to several dated, underrated albums - as follows:

'pinkerton' - weezer
'lost souls' - doves
'let go' - nada surf

nyc feels dead/bitter/poor. the season of hibernation is here. 2010 seems like whatever. new years resolutions include:

drink less.
watch tv less.
figure life out.
travel to space.
turn 27.

so. damn.

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2 poems (somewhere) @ the houston literary review

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sha boom sha boom


  1. WEEZER! I saw them live a long time ago when they came to Buffalo. I lost track of them after the Green Album, which was their last great one, maybe.

    I'm big digging "Tick," "Parrots" and "The Process of Msiling." Well done, sir...

  2. thanks man. yeah, there was a performance dip - to say the least - after the green album. still, the blue album is good enough to forgive them for everything else that came after it - including the "weezer snuggie" they're currently trying to peddle.