michael j. solender blogs about my storybikini sex” which recently appeared in thieves jargon:

Bikini Sex, by Adam Moorad, is as unconventional write as you are going to read this week, I guarantee it. Breaking all the rules of construction, this perfectly disjointed ramble is perfect in conveying thought, feeling, mood, senses and everything a write should do. It is not smooth and fluid, nor is it meant to be. Go, see what I mean.”

Many thanks to mr. solender.

i have been enjoying the ‘This is not not a contest finalists + winner’ @ Lamination Colony – lots of fun, fucked stuff.

tao lin is poor.

a new edition of PANGUR BAN PARTY is live.

zero ducats exists now. send things for issue one. they sent me a poster to post so i am posting:

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