new story in emprise review #10. the whole issue looks pretty good with the names of people i recognize. i wonder if these people recognize my name and if they don't, i wonder if they'll at least think, "i think i might recognize adam moorad maybe" - "parable" is here.

i just walked over to the xerox machine in my office. i looked at it and thought about vomiting. when i saw paper shooting out of it, i thought, "this is how a xerox machine ejaculates" then i thought about making 1000 copies of a blank piece of paper to give the xeroz machine a really long orgasm - then people started walking around me so i decided to wait a while...

my story @ dispatch litareview #11 has officially been "read" 103 times since it has gone live. i am pretty certain that number reflects how many views, opposed to actual reads. whatever.

todd dills is doing mischievous things in my old stomping ground of nashville, tn

jason jordan's Powering the Devil's Circus: Redux and Cloud and Other Stories are lurking and will release this december just in time for xmas courtesy of six gallery press. yeehaw.

ravi mangla has a pirate-oriented piece in the storyglossia #35, to which i'm partial.


  1. it reflects the number of people who've downloaded the story in its pdf rendition. mike young's "ball of dooshie levitation" (dispatch one) received 170-something downloads in its entire initial run, so your 100+ overnight means that exposure for dispatchers is growing. also note that at least one blog linked to the file itself, cutting the throat of the counter script, and so those downloads will have to be manually counted by myself at a later time.

  2. oh and look, you've linked directly to the file as well. please amend your link to: http://litareview.com/09/1sepamoorad.shtml

  3. so, like, your post got me to look at the logs and it turns out i should have been doing that all along--amelia gray's story got over 1200 downloads and yours was already at 190. this thing is getting bigger than i originally thought, which makes me believe i am moving in the right direction. thanks for prompting this, adam.