i am bored today. i am going to colorado today because i'm bored. i think that - while in colorado - i will be less bored for a little while. then i will be bored again. then i will leave colorado and arrive back in new york city and feel something like "refreshed" and i will tell people colorado was very "refreshing" and i will attempt to make a "refreshing" face and they will tell me things relating to their desire to visit a refreshing place like colorado and i will say "yeah" or "i know" and they will not really be listening to me because they will be thinking about buying their children's school supplies because it's that time of year apparently and i will become bored again and i will try not to care and i will try to avoid my own boredom by treating it with fast food and alcohol or something while vaguely contemplating the Cartesian subject of self over and over.

here is a picture of colorado at what i consider to be a "refreshing" moment:

jason jordan has some magic up @ a thousand faces.

dj berndt says nice things about me and the things i write while fighting the idea of myself.

dj runs PANGUR BAN PARTY which is running greg santos' thinking things through. so read that.

also - blake butler's scorch atlas released yesterday. i think i might buy it and read it and try to make sense of it.



  1. Enjoy Colorado. Thanks for the plug. ;)

  2. '...while fighting the idea of myself.'

    You are my new internet hero.