here are two new poems @ the recusant

i just had the feeling that my head was about to explode.

i am sitting in a cubicle wearing a lightly-starched button-down shirt.

again, i just had the feeling that me head was about to explode.

the starch in my shirt is scratching my nipples and shoulders and arms and i am somehow thinking that the starch is creating an adverse neurological reaction in my head and i wonder if there is any peer-reviewed literature on the possible correlation be shirt starch and neurology anywhere on google

just a second ago, i wondered what it would feel like if i had a stroke. if i had a stroke i wonder if i would still think i needed to drink coffee every morning. i wonder if i would gain weight and begin to smell. i think the two worst things about having a stroke would be the gaining of weight and the smelling, on top of no more coffee.

i am feeling confused. when i move, my shirt scrapes against my skin and i want to scream.

i feel this post has taken a sardonic turn.

i think i will stop now.

thanks for stopping by.

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