sunday. my ankle hurts. it is hot. i hate sunday. i will watch television for the next several hours. drink a beer. go to sleep. wake up. go to work. i will probably have to stand on the subway. my ankle will hurt. fuck. fuck.

two new stories.

(1) storyglossia issue 34 is up. my story 'che guevara' is in there. somewhere. kind of halfway down the page. it is not a story about che guevara. but here is a picture of che guevara that is not the picture on 'the' che guevara t-shirt.

(2) cookiebomb is a new pub i recently discovered. published by ryan manning - it has work from the a lot of people i recognize/like/can probably run faster than. read cookiebomb. i'm here.

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  1. I just read your stories on clockwise cat, cookiebomb, and storyglossia. Good job, they are excellent reads.