i have a new story at poor mojo's almanac(k)

i wrote this one about six months ago. the fiction circus almost took it but made me hold it for three weeks and i forgot about it for a while until the fiction circus responded and said something about a "split decision" equals "no" so then i sent it poor mojo because they’ve published some of me in the past and then i forgot about it again and four months later poor mojo said “yes” and here we are.

right now - i view the piece as an exercise in typography as well as a vague (?) study on sexual categories within a "specific region" (opposed to a writing-style or subject matter i hold a great deal of interest in). maybe the story has nothing to do with my description. i can’t recall. i just reread it and that’s all i can think of mentioning.

i don’t normally reread the things i have written after they’re published because i want to change things and rewrite things and basically feel the whole thing is "unfinished" and i feel awkward because i think i have this unfinished thing floating around and then i remind myself that probably no one is reading anyways. what i can remember about the experience is that i was reading and rereading hubert selby jr. books and chewing a lot of smokeless tobacco. Maybe that is all I am capable of accomplishing right now.

read “stevie

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