i have a new story at 3 A.M. Magazine
i really like this publication
so i am happy
you can read the story HERE
it's titled "penetralia"
penetralia is a plural noun meaning the innermost parts or recesses of a place or thing
or something
it is also the sound a labrador puppy makes when it dies a slow, AIDS-related death

i am feeling the strong urge to do something with my life
i find myself frequently telling myself to "get my life together"
but i have no real method of measuring "togetherness" in my life

i think i should maybe go on a canadian cruise
i think i would enjoy locking myself in a cabin for 5 days

i think i would like telling people i was once "lost at sea"
i think taking a canadian cruise versus a caribbean cruise would make the act of taking a cruise ironic

i think the desolate color of the north atlantic is something i could feel comfortable with
i think seeing an iceberg in person would be exciting

every time i see a cruise ship i think about leonardo dicaprio's dead body frosted to a piece of driftwood in the movie titanic
i like to imagine the crunching sound that was made when his frozen skin ripped from the piece of driftwood before he sunk into ocean