There is no reason for me to be at work today. I have not completed a single meaningful task. The only thing I’ve really accomplished is the mechanical act of turning on my computer, which isn’t really my computer but a computer indirectly owned by an incorporated company headquartered somewhere in the Netherlands. Everyone I “report” to is either not in the office or is doing the same things I am doing, which is pretending to be doing something, which is nothing. If I walked out of the office right now and went into a bookstore or someplace, no one would notice and I am pretty certain I would still get paid on payday the same amount that I would get paid even if I didn’t leave the office and go to a bookstore. This makes me feel like my job is meaningless and this makes me feel meaningless because I spend 24% of every week “working” so I think I am correct to assume 24% of my present existence is void of any genuine worth. I also feel meaningless because 33.3333333333R% of my week is spent sleeping and/or trying to fall asleep. From this I conclude that close to half my life is meaningless because it is essentially devoted to meaningless things through which nothing is achieved that inculcates happiness into anything or anyone. I drank a cup of coffee this morning and have already urinated 5 times since 8:30. I tried to read Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower because someone told me it is the “new Catcher in the Rye” which I think is a stupid comparison. I stopped reading it because I could not feel I was identifying with the voice of the character who I think has been idealized for the sake of an inevitably depressing plot. The book reminds me of Malcolm in the Middle meets My So Called Life meets Regarding Henry. I spend roughly 5.952% of my total week reading and 8.929% of the time spend awake. If anyone can recommend a good book to me that you think might enable me to utilize this 8.929% better I would appreciate it greatly. I am considering purchasing a Lorrie Moore book but don’t know which one is “good.”


  1. Moorad,

    You should consider picking up John Muir: Nature Writings. It's a collection with almost all of his work. If you're unsure just pick up 'Meditations of John Muir' and start with something smaller.



  2. thanks glone. i will read this book on the assumption that it will make me feel less meaningless and will try to feel less meaningless and hopefully become less meaningless.

  3. how can you like tao lin but not 'perks'???

  4. i can because they are not the synonymous.