do those taxes people.

new killauthor. It’s the ‘Donald Barthelme’ issue. Donald Barthelme died of throat cancer. Feels like I will die of throat cancer one day too. Fellow contributing cancer patients include: Adam J Maynard Alan Stewart Carl Alexandra Isacson Corrina Bain Diana Kole J.A. Tyler Jarrid Deaton Joseph A. W. Quintela Joseph Goosey Mark Neely Meredith Legg Michael Brandonisio P. Edward Cunningham Rachel Jenkins Raymond Farr Sean Lovelace Sean Ulman Shane Anderson Thomas Patrick Levy Travis Kurowski Verity Hill and me.

I have yet to read but will read and probably reread.

My story is different than my other stories. I got bored with the way I wrote and wanted to write differently. So.

Who knows Harmony Korine (Kids, Gummo, etc.)?
Who knows he wrote a novel - A Crack Up at the Race Riots?
Who has read?
Who has a copy? (Amazon wants $50!)
Who will sell it to me for a slightly gentler price?
Who is even reading this?

All kinds of people are posting AWP pictures on Facebook. The images seem strange, like Cancun meets a library meets a middle school locker-room with a few beards and flannels appearing intermittently online in photo albums. Sure - i wish i went.


  1. Congrats on the > kill author story. Haven't read the issue yet, but I plan to soon. And Barthelme rules.

    Go to AWP in D.C. next year. I'm gonna try to.

  2. Great piece in >Kill Author. I've read Crackup at the Race Riots. There was a copy at the library I saw a long time ago and haven't seen since. It's hilarious. The Tupac prison letters in particular are crazy-bananas. I wanted to buy a copy back in the day but it is expensive, since it's out of print. If you've got the money I'd get it. It's pretty great...

  3. good idea - i'll try the library...if not, i think i might as well pop for it...i'm too curious.

  4. got the uk faber version. want the american doubleday but too expensive. If yr stuck, get the collected fanzines available at Drag City records website .. It's awesome. There's a link at My NAME IS MUD. Have a greta day

  5. thx adam - will get it for sure.