issue no. 122 of the evergreen review is up. 122 issues seems like a lot. i'm happy to be included in this one here.

i moved apartments a few weeks ago and i did not transfer my cable over to my new address. i didn't do this on purpose because i felt i was "wasting" time/life on the office and family guy reruns, or something. so this is my third week without television, television commercials, reality television, television sitcoms, television broadcasts, digital television, television violence, etc. - it feels really really really good, like some kinda native american desert fast. i challenge you to do the same - UNPLUG.

here's some phm.

seen the new & improved thieves jargon?? damn.


  1. Interesting bit about the TV. I've thought about doing this when I move again, but I enjoy TV so much that I'm not sure I would like going TV-free. Still, cable's expensive.

  2. do it brotha! it feels strange at first, but after a while you start to feel pieces of your brain growing back. ha. i should say i have netflix - so i'm still 'watching' things minus the commercials.