Today it’s snowing and raining almost equally but not accumulating on the earth. There is a wet spot on the building beside my building that looks like phallus and it seems to be growing and looks resigned to _______, too. My apartment has been packed for six days of life. I’ve taken out take-out food for six days of life. I've eaten take-out food for six days of life. I’ve lived in a UPS store behind cardboard boxes for six days of life. I want to fast forward to next week or next year or never. I’m tired of computers and cables and screens and halogen and and ANDAND, I think, “puddles”. Over the past two days I've watched two german language films with german germans and turkish germans: Gegen die Wand and Der Baader Meinhof Komplex – seems like this happened on accident, both good feeding. My brain feels eggy like eggy eggs benedict, and like bad feeding. I need somethingsomethin’somethin’’’’

Getting to the point of no points. I see black and white lines, caging, dancing like venomous snakes.

Has anyone read any good journals/diaries/books of letters they really liked/thought were interesting and/or exceptional?? Please will you please recommend these to me please? I feel like I’ve never absorbed a good one of those in ever...and so then there...thanks.

this is my 102 post. this is me.


  1. Have you read Michelle Orange's "The Silicy Papers" from Hobart's Short Flight/Long Drive Books? It's really good.


  2. Camus' collected notebooks are really good...

  3. thanks dudes - i've heard both of those are really good...will have to consume...