mailman brought me 2 copies of pank 4.

got excited. seeing your words in ink is always nice. seeing your words in ink beside the following folks is nice, too: Kirsty Logan, Sandee Lyles, Taylor Mali, Jen Michalski, Steven McDermott, Kyle Minor, Joel Patton, Jennifer Pieroni, Meg Pokrass, Coralie Reed, Ryan Ridge, Andrew Roe, Ethel Rohan, Kathleen Rooney, Emily Rosko, Francine Rubin, Nick Sansone, Peter Schwartz, Gregory Sherl, Matthew Simmons, Audri Sousa, Sarah Sweeney, JA Tyler, Jared Walls, Jared Ward, Brandi Wells, Lauren Wheeler, Kevin Wilson, Bill Yarrow, and Erin York.

get a copy here maybe.

will be moving shop in 14 days from park slope to williamsburg.

park slope (brooklyn)

williamsburg (brooklyn)

in many unexplainable ways, i'm a looking forward to this.
we'll see how it goes.
beer me.