there is a new story of mine @ pindeldyboz. hopefully, you can read it. maybe, you can read it and print it then eat it. i wonder if it would taste like my fingertips…yum. anyways. this one’s about something. i just reread it and thought i was in detroit michigan. ms. xtx joins me.

last night i saw the movie antichrist. incredible. had never seen anything like it before. stayed up all night thinking about it. woke up thinking about it. i hate recommending things and i hate having things recommended to me (maybe because i'm sort of a jackass)...but this film is like a stake in the damn brain - so do the damn thing.

was directed by Lars von Trier – i hadn’t seen any of his movies before this one. and there are really only two actors in whole film, charlotte gainsbourg and willem dafoe. don’t think i’ll be able to see either actress or actor as/in any other character again. shoot.

here is an article on the film that helped me digest after I saw it.


  1. Von Trier is pretty interesting, though, i'm not hugely a fan of the Dogme95 movement

    check out Europa sometime (also known as Zentropa)