new one @ necessary fiction today. i guess it’s part of a larger work. i’m sick of saying that. read it maybe.

pangur ban party print #2 will is available soon. pumped. i’ll have something in there along with all these others dudes: nathan logan, ja tyler, kosh kleinberg, michael hessel-mial, adam maynard, xtx, david peak, martin wall, ben brooks, eric beeny, ana carette, greg santos, mel bosworth. should be sweet. will be free thanks to djb.

new thieves jargon exists. love that damn journal. xtx is there. get a taste.

year of the liquidator’s first title, one hour of television, is still available for preorder, i think. i’m considering it. everything bbutler recommends i end up consuming in some sort of carnivorous inhalation. read an excerpt. gonna have to buy.

wtf: nazi mystery twins in brazil.


  1. Hi Adam, great piece in Necessary Fiction. Looking forward too being in Pangur with you...

  2. thanks beeny. should be sweet.

    djb - yes. pumped. pangur ban parties are my fav.