i am supposed to be doing things at work right now. people are talking to one another about their weekends in different cubicles. someone just said the word 'zipcar.' i don't want to move. i will not move anywhere for at least the next 45 minutes. i think i will be better equipped to make decisions 45 minutes from now.

i have a new story @ pangur ban party today. it makes me happy. dj berndt put together a sweet-ass ebook for it. pangur ban party is a sweet-ass place. dj berndt has sweet-ass html skills. i want to start a sweet-ass political party called the 'pangur ban party.' i think we would be influential at the grassroots-level in a sweet-ass place like oregon. i've never been to oregon.

my story is titled 'the nurse and the patient.' i wrote it when i was in san francisco at my hotel. it was not a fancy hotel. maybe i will put up some san francisco pictures later. or maybe i will feel lazy and forget. or maybe i will remember but won't care.

i wish i was doing something important right now.

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